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The World Mosquito Program works closely with communities around the world to reduce the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

The World Mosquito Program’s Wolbachia method safeguards communities from mosquito-borne diseases. Partnering with local stakeholders, we aim to prevent disease transmission without compromising human health or natural ecosystems.

CE activity in Bali

The PAM follows key principles, releasing only when broad community support is achieved. We pledge to be responsive, respectful, transparent, and inclusive—accommodating requests, considering interests, promoting honesty, and encouraging diverse community participation in our projects.

In collaboration with diverse communities, we tailor our approach while upholding key practices:

  • Successful project delivery includes creating Community Profiles to understand communities. 
  • We form Community Reference Groups, an independent panel of representatives, to gather input on communication and engagement strategies. 
  • Prior to mosquito releases, we conduct a comprehensive Communications and Engagement campaign to address concerns. 
  • Empowering communities, we involve them in Releases and Monitoring. 
  • Finally, we assess Community Acceptance through independent surveys before proceeding with releases.

Listening to Community Voices

WMP has a vision of a world where everyone can live a healthy life – free from the suffering caused by mosquito-borne diseases.  That vision can only be achieved through collaboration with communities and by listening to their stories and voices.

It made a big difference as there is not much dengue here in the community anymore.
Alicinda Tibério
Terena Chief, Água Bonita, Campo Grande, Brazil
CE engagement rate

Gaining Community Acceptance

Across the globe, we see consistently high levels of community acceptance reflecting public acceptance and recognition of the efficacy of the World Mosquito Program’s Wolbachia method in helping communities to protect themselves from mosquito-borne diseases.

We assess community acceptance before we begin field releases. We ensure we have undertaken a thorough stakeholder engagement and communications campaign. We seek the endorsement of an independent panel of community members, the Community Reference Group. We address any queries or complaints from the community before releases happen. Finally, we commission an independent survey of the community to assess their level of acceptance of the project.

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