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The World Mosquito Program is working with communities around the world to prevent disease.


We work with communities around the world to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Learn more about the World Mosquito Program, how our Wolbachia method works and how we collaborate with others.

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Our work

About us

We are committed to helping local communities prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Discover the story of our unique breakthrough, learn about our vision and meet our team.

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Our work

Our Wolbachia method

Using tiny bacteria called Wolbachia, we can do incredible things. Learn about the World Mosquito Program’s safe, natural and effective method for preventing mosquito-borne diseases around the globe.

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Our work


Together, we’re working with local communities, governments, non-government organisations, research institutes, philanthropists and corporate partners to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Find out how we work together.

Want to learn more about the World Mosquito Program and our sustainable and nature-based Wolbachia method?