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Partnerships with governments and heath agencies are a cornerstone of WMP

After 10 years, what Jonathan sees now is the Pacific region facing issues with global implications. Issues such as climate change are already having an impact on the small and vulnerable Pacific Island states.

“Climate change will have an impact on health and wellbeing in the Pacific as mosquito populations and the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses change, placing new demands on education, healthcare and social assistance,” he says.

During his time in the Pacific, Jonathan has seen the devastating impacts of mosquito-borne diseases, like dengue, Zika and chikungunya, so he’s interested in the novel approach taken by the the World Mosquito Program. 

“There’s those who fall ill from dengue fever and there is an impact on their health and wellbeing, their ability to work or go to school – there’s lost time and productivity and an associated cost to families who need to look after ill relatives. There’s a wider social burden and scarce government resources going to the health sector.”
Jonathan Curr
New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji
New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji Jonathan Curr

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