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The World Mosquito Program is one of six finalists for 100&Change, a global competition for a single $100 million grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to fund a bold solution to a critical social challenge.

The challenge facing WMP now is to make its public health intervention available to the maximum number of people globally in the shortest period of time. The MacArthur grant would enable a very focused and scaled deployment across two countries – Brazil and Indonesia. The plan is to use these two countries as effective demonstrations of the impact that can be achieved at scale across multiple cities.  

World Mosquito Program Founder & Director Professor Scott O’Neill says, “It’s an honour to be shortlisted in the final six from nearly 800 applicants. If we can scale this innovation across entire cities with partners like the MacArthur Foundation, we can completely prevent the transmission of diseases like dengue, zika & chikungunya.”

The winner of the grant will be announced April 7, 2021

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