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Last year, WMP was privileged to be one of 5 recipients of the Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award, an incredibly generous initiative supporting projects that address an area of unmet social need. 

Since then, Macquarie took a production team to our project site in Yogyakarta to better understand and film the work we do. It was there they met Bani, one of our awesome community advocates who features in the video. See below.

The results of our Quasi trial in Yogyakarta have recently been published. The Quasi was a project where we established Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes in a 5km2 area on the outskirts of the city. Over time, the incidence of dengue was monitored and compared with a control site on the opposite side of town. 

You can read the paper here.

Protecting Kricak Village

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