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Moreira LA, Iturbe-Ormaetxe I, Jeffery JA, Lu G, Pyke AT, Hedges LM, Rocha BC, Hall-Mendelin S, Day A, Riegler M, Hugo LE, Johnson KN, Kay BH, McGraw EA, van den Hurk AF, Ryan PA & O'Neill SL (2009)

Cell 139(7):1268-78

This paper demonstrates that Aedes aegypti mosquitoes containing Wolbachia have a greatly reduced ability to support infection with dengue virus as well as the unrelated human virus also transmitted by this mosquito, Chikungunya. It also demonstrates a reduction in the ability of the mosquito to be infected with avian malaria parasites. This paper demonstrates an alternative mode of action by which Wolbachia may reduce the ability of the mosquito to transmit dengue in addition to life-shortening.