Differential suppression of persistent insect specific viruses in trans-infected T wMel and wMelPop-CLA Aedes-derived mosquito lines | World Mosquito Program Skip to main content
Wolbachia suppresses the replication of +ssRNA viruses such as dengue and Zika viruses in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. However‚ the range of viruses affected by this endosymbiont is yet to be explored. This publication examines if Wolbachia restricts the replication of two insect specific viruses‚ Cell-fusing agent virus (+ssRNA‚ Flaviviridae) and Phasi Charoen-like virus (-ssRNA‚ Bunyaviridae) in co-infected cell culture. The replication of Cell-fusing agent virus but not Phasi Charoen-like virus was restricted by Wolbachia providing additional evidence to support that insect-specific‚ +ssRNA viruses can be suppressed by Wolbachia but -ssRNA insect-specific viruses may not.
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