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The World Mosquito Program’s innovative Wolbachia method is helping communities around the world prevent the spread of mosquito-borne disease.


Using tiny bacteria called Wolbachia, we can do incredible things. Our safe, natural, effective and non-GMO method for preventing mosquito-borne diseases has been developed over decades through rigorous research and cutting-edge technology. It works everywhere that Aedes aegypti is found, it complements other techniques and has proven potential for long-term success.


of insect species carry Wolbachia


and harmless to ecosystems


safe and effective
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Our Wolbachia Method

How it works

Our ground-breaking Wolbachia method reduces the ability of mosquitoes to transmit disease. Learn how it works.

Our Wolbachia Method

Our evidence

Our tested and proven Wolbachia method is safe, affordable and effective.

WMP staff member releases mosquitos with Wolbachia


See how and where we’re reducing mosquito-borne diseases.

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How it compares

See how our method to control mosquito-borne diseases compares to other techniques.

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Scientific publications

Read our latest research papers.

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Sustainable projects

Learn about our sustainability model and how our method of reducing mosquito-borne diseases remains effective over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about the World Mosquito Program and our Wolbachia method? Read more. 

Want to learn more about the World Mosquito Program and our sustainable and nature-based Wolbachia method?