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Learn more about the work we're doing, the diseases we're fighting against and the progress we're making in communities around the world. 


What do you want to know?

There are many different ways to better understand the work we do to protect communities from mosquito-borne diseases. Our fact sheets, FAQ pages and scientific publications can all shed light on the various complexities involved. We also provide details about the diseases we are working to combat and compare other methods attempting to do the same. Find out more in the resources provided below.   

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Mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquito-borne diseases cause suffering for around 700 million people every year. Learn more about where they exist, the suffering they cause and what can be done to prevent them from spreading. 

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How our method compares

There are several different methods being employed in efforts to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Find out how our Wolbachia method compares to others being used around the world.



Do you have more questions about the World Mosquito Program? Find answers to your questions about how our Wolbachia method works, our research, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and more.

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Fact sheets

Looking for more information about Wolbachia bacteria, mosquito-borne diseases and the countries in which we work? Learn more through our fact sheets and country pages. 


Scientific publications

Our researchers continue to build a compelling body of evidence demonstrating the outcomes and impact of our Wolbachia method. Read our latest research papers to find out more. 

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The World Mosquito Program works closely with the media to share news about the communities we’re working with. Find our latest press releases, stories and media content here.

Sigue nuestros avances a nivel mundial en la lucha contra las enfermedades transmitidas por mosquitos.